Pipestone Abstract & Title Co.

Trust Pipestone Abstract and Title the next time you buy or sell your property in Pipestone or any part of Pipestone County. We ensure your transaction goes smoothly before it happens by conducting thorough search of title, resolving ownership issues, providing lien records, keeping the courthouse records accurate, collecting unpaid debts, facilitating collection of government taxes and assessments and requiring proper conveyances and acknowledgements.

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202 2nd Ave SE
Pipestone, MN 56164

(507) 825.5833

Open Monday- Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
or by appointment

Member of the Pipestone area chamber of commerce

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Team Directory

Gavin T. Winter

Direct: (507) 562-7534

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Kevin Ohme

Direct: (507) 337-9583

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Jolane Allerson

Direct: (507) 337-9588

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Carla Lustfield

Direct: (507) 562-7584

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Kelli Janke

Direct: (507) 836-6202

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Chealsea Grooters

Direct: (507) 337-9580

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Starr Anderson

Direct: (507) 562-7552

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Bronwyn Jones

Direct: (507) 562-7559

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Kathy Lustfield

Direct: (507) 393-0800

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Tom Winter

Direct: (507) 562-7509

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Chris Jensen

Direct: (320) 564-4810

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